Bakery: Sourdough Bread, Country White Loaf 750g


BASKA BAKERY: Baska Bakery is an Artisan sourdough bakery specialising in producing slow fermented breads and pastries using natural, high quality ingredients – organic wheat flour, organic wholemeal flour, sourdough culture, water, mineral sea salt and TIME…. 750g. Each bread is fermented for up to 72hrs. Vegan and Vegetarian. Allergens: wheat, gluten. May contain nuts and sesame. Best before 4 days, can be frozen.

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Artisan Sourdough Bakery (Bohermeen, Co. Meath)
Allergens: Wheat, Gluten. May contain nuts and sesame.
Packaging: Bag
✔️ Recyclable

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Vendor: Baska Bakery

Company: Baska Bakery

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