Workshops | Activities | Supports

Held in conjunction with our Seasonal Markets or as stand-alone events in collaboration with our producers and members of our community.

The Cottage Market Cavan Member

Workshops (booking required)

Educational and fun-filled workshops are delivered by skilled, local people e.g.,

  • Grow Your Own, Living Window, Backyard Growing
  • Introduction to Fermentation & Pickling – A Gut Health
  • Reuse & Recycle
  • Nature Workshops for children
  • Forest fitness
    Foodscape Design
  • Foraging Walks & Talks on edible and medicinal plants native to West Cavan


  • Wood carving,
  • Flower Arranging
  • Food Swap: allows diversification of your homemade foods while getting to know like-minded people. A sustainable practice, allowing seasonal, local food to be shared and preventing food waste amongst like-minded people within our community. Join here.
The Cottage Market Cavan Kombucha Peach and Earl Grey 330 mls


  • A training and advisory support package for new and existing producers
  • Test & Learn Kitchen to support startup producers that wish to test phase their product while adhering to guidelines set out by HACCP
  • A grower’s group that supports small farms growing and producing food organically and regeneratively for The Local Green Box Cavan.