Bog Boy Booch: Kombucha Edlerflower 330mls


BOG BOY BOOCH: Kombucha is fermented tea, providing beneficial PROBIOTICS. This weeks flavour is Cavan foraged Elderflower which has a light delicate flavour. Kombucha can promote healthy gut bacteria, supporting healthy digestion.
Shelf life: 30 days refrigerated. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free. Suitable for all dietary needs.

Base ingredients – tea (oolong and black tea), organic cane sugar, water and Kombucha culture (scoby). Bog Boy Booch is a LIVING beverage…UNPASTEURIZED, UNFILTERED, containing all the goodness nature intended and full of Probiotics. . Can be enjoyed at any time of day.


Joshua Dennis (Nitro Ground, Chef by Day/Brewer by Night, Co. Monaghan)

Allergens: None

Packaging: Glass
✔️ Reusable
✔️ Returnable
✔️ Recyclable

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