Preserves: Pickled Ginger 125g


SUSHI-MANI LTD: White pickled is full of flavour – add it to salads, curries and sushi, chop it up for stir-fries, or add to braised meat dishes just before serving.
The spiciness and sweet flavour of the ginger also help cleanse the palate between eating, allowing you to enjoy different foods.

Shelf Life: Unopened 1 year, once opened 4 weeks refrigerator.

Gluten Free. Vegan and Vegetarian.


Bas Wiebenga & Jolita Puksmiene (Sushi-mania Ltd, Food Producer, Virginia, Co. Cavan)

Packaging: Jar
✔️ Reusable

Gluten Free. Vegan and Vegetarian.

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Vendor: Sushi-Mania Kitchen

Company: Sushi-Mania Kitchen

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