Takeaway Main: Sushi Inside out selection 8 pc


SUSHI-MANI LTD:  Inside out selection – smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, Surimi, cucumber, rice, salt, vinegar, sugar, lemongrass, black pepper, Sesame seeds. Soy sauce, pickled ginger, wasabi. This box contains a 8pc. Approx 220grams excludes condiments.

Allergens: crustaceans, gluten, fish, soybeans, dairy and sesame seeds.

Shelf Life: 24hours refrigerated.

Eat at room temperature, take sushi out of fridge 30mins before consuming.

Cavan hand rolled Sushi, locally sourced Irish produce, clean, healthy, and guilt free food.




Bas Wiebenga & Jolita Puksmiene Sushi-mania Ltd (Food Producers, Virginia, Co. Cavan)

✔️ Recyclable


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