Mains: Sushi Norimaki 9 pc (Vegetarian)


SUSHI-MANI LTD: Cavan hand rolled Sushi, locally sourced Irish produce, clean, healthy, and guilt free food. This box contains a 9pc Vegetarian mix. Approx 220grams excludes condiments. When refrigerated 24hrs for optimum freshness. Eat at room temperature, take sushi out of fridge 1hr before consuming.


Allergens: pinenuts, hazelnuts and dairy.

Gluten Free.


Bas Wiebenga & Jolita Puksmiene Sushi-mania Ltd (Food Producers, Virginia, Co. Cavan)

Allergens: Pine nuts, hazelnuts and dairy.

Gluten Free.

Vendor Information

Vendor: Sushi-mania Ltd

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