Onions, Bunched, Fresh (6/7 in a bunch)


Tirloch O’Brien (The Patch, Grower, Mullahoran, Co. Cavan)

THE PATCH: Fresh Onions, White – Nothing beats fresh onions! Onions are your essential building block to any fabulous meal. Practically every recipe you read starts with sautéing onions! Use in soups, stews, sauces and everything! Store in the fridge.

Packaging: Twine
✔️ Reusable

Allergy Information

(1) Cereals containing gluten, (2) Crustaceans, (3) Eggs, (4) Fish, (5) Peanuts, (6) Soybeans, (7) Milk, (8) Nuts, (9) Celery, (10) Mustard, (11) Sesame Seeds, (12) Sulphur Dioxide and Sulphites, (13) Lupin, (14) Molluscs

Vendor Information

Vendor: The Cottage Market Cavan

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