Meat: Free Range Chorizo, Verde 4-pack


HERD BUTCHERY: 4 pack of large green chorizo sausage. Handmade using free range pork and a pesto of local greens and spices. Ingredients: Free range pork, spinach, kale, coriander, garlic, cumin, oregano, chilli salt and pepper. 4 pack | 600g. Shelf life: 3 days. Keep refrigerated. Suitable for freezing. Gluten Free. Cook to 72 degrees. Delicious serve with our super salad mix. #mealinminutes #healthy #bbq

Free Range Meat.


Robert Mee (Herd Butchery, Nose-To-Tail Butcher, Butlersbridge, Co. Cavan)

Packaging: Plastic
❌ Reusable
❌ Returnable

❌ Compostable

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Vendor: Herd Butchery

Company: Herd Butchery

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