Ferments: Hot sauce, Habanero Garlic 100mls


BOG BOY BOOCH: Traditionally Lacto fermented using a Brine based Mash. Simply made using Habanero peppers, Garlic, Sea salt, Kombucha Vinegar. It’s a living product bringing some spice to your food choices.

Uses of Hot Sauce:

Elevate your morning eggs with a splash of fiery goodness! If Taco Tuesdays is your thing add to your meats, whether its tacos, nachos or a hearty bowl of chili. Create a fiery hot sauce marinade to add to chicken wings. Feeling fancy? Spruce up your Bloody Mary with just a drop of for an amazing twist.

Shelf life:  4 Weeks under Refrigeration

Suitable for all dietary needs.

Vegan and Vegetarian.

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Joshua Dennis (Bog Boy Booch,  Chef by Day/Brewer by Night, Co. Monaghan)

Packaging: Glass
✔️ Reusable
✔️ Recyclable

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