Takeaway Main: Budha Curry Tub 300g (Vegan)


LITTLECHEF: This delicious curry is made with sweet potatoes, red lentils, carrots, spinach peas mixed with coconut milk and flavoured with spices, fresh ginger, cumin seeds, turmeric (yellow powder) fresh coriander, coriander seeds, curry powder, cardamon and cinnamon. Perfect accompaniment to rice, sourdough bread and salad.

This curry is perfectly suitable for vegetarian and vegan. Gluten free. Nuts free. Soy free.

Shelf Life: 4 days.   –  keep in mind this food is homemade and fresh and uses no additivities.

Refrigerate. Suitable for freezing.

Reheating Instructions: Pour contents into a pot and heat on the stove until it reaches 70°C. Leave to a rest for a minute and serve.


Carmen McEvitt (Food Producer, Fermanagh)

Packaging: Box and Lid
✔️ Recyclable

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