[GIY] Book: The Self-Sufficient Garden (Grow your Own)


KLAUS LAITENBERGER: ‘The Self-Sufficient Garden.’ It’s a practical guide on how to grow the 30 most common vegetables and to plan how to get a year round supply of fresh vegetables from your own garden.

An essential guide to growing and maintaining a self-sufficient garden. Incorporating both sustainability and practicality, it demonstrates the possibility to grow in a way that promotes biodiversity whilst producing a sizeable harvest.

It conveys the fundamental preparatory measures for beginning a self-sufficient garden. It can be referred to for precise instructions on spacing and storing your vegetables.

It is based on a specific model which can be applied to any plot. Detailing the thirty most important vegetable crops, it is a condensed formula for self-sufficiency. Written in consideration of the traditional and modern obstacles facing gardeners today, The Self-Sufficient Garden reaches for a natural and productive symbiosis.

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